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I just fell over these pictures I took last year during a field trip my daughter went on with her school and thought I'd share them.

The Perrygrove Railway is a 15" gauge line in the Forest of Dean (don't mention the bear.....) which has been built up from scratch by Michael and Frances Crofts. The rolling stock includes some real gems from the Duffield Bank and Eaton Hall lines as well as replica locos from the Heywood era and even a Garratt! For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of knowing Arthur Heywood, he was the early 20th C. pioneer of minimum gauge estate railways, lines which eventually gave rise to the Ravengalss & Eskdale and Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch lines.

Outerwear Train Vehicle Plant Motor vehicle

Michael and Frances Crofts on the footplate of "Spirit of Adventure", an Exmoor loco which powers most trains on the line

Train Plant Vehicle Rolling stock Tree

"Spirit of Adventure", as neat a 15" loco as any

Train Vehicle Plant Motor vehicle Tree

The footplate is large enough for two, which allowed me the pleasure of a cab ride out and back

Train Rolling stock Wood Railway Track

The wonderful Duffield Bank dining car!

Train Vehicle Wood Window Rolling stock

The Eaton Hall saloon, this carried such folk as Sir Winston Churchill when he was shooting on the estate

Wood Floor Gas Building Hardwood

Yes! It reads "Dynomometer Carriage"

Hope you enjoyed these - if you want to know more visit



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QUOTE (60134 @ 9 Sep 2008, 14:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I just fell over these pictures I took last year

You should be more careful where you put them then!

But being serious it certainly has an appeal, but it's a heck of a long time since I had a chance to get to that neck of the woods (forest)

Thanks for taking the time to post them.

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