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I hope this is of use to some of you


Hi Ken

I have a problem using my Select when connected to the Elite using the RJ12 cable you kindly sent me. The problem is with address response. When I started with DCC with the Select, for points control I set up my points addresses as per the handbook to run from 60 onwards and function was okay. When I bought the Elite I had to reprogram the addresses to 1 onwards using accessory operation to control. That worked okay as well. However, when I came to use the Select as an additional controller it would not control the points with their new 1, 2, 3 addresses. The SELECT is hardwired to "know" that any address below 60 is loco.. you cannot allocate the address range 1-59 to accessory decoders using a SELECT.

Should I reprogram the point addresses to 60 etc in order to use both controllers? If I do this I will lose a lot of the functionality of the system.

Does it also mean that I can't use loco addresses higher than 59 if I want to control any loco with the Select via the Elite? Again, I will be losing the functionality of the Elite.

Is there any difference between the Select and the Walkabout?

Hope you can help.

Rob Lambert

This is their reply
Hello Rob..

Using the SELECT in conjunction with an ELITE controller...

The SELECT controller has limitations when used as walkabout for the ELITE.. the display etc on the SELECT controller is limited re the number of digits displayable for addresses. Also, there is an issue in the selection of accessory/loco addressing numbers.. as the SELECT is fixed to the range 60-99 for accessories and 1-59 for locos, while the ELITE has a wider range of address numbers available for both types of decoder.

I suggest that you reprogramme your points back to within the address range 60-99. You should now be able to control them from both the SELECT and ELITE. Note: On the ELITE you press the "ACC" button before selecting a accessory decoder address.. on the SELECT you do not have the equivalent control button as the SELECT already "knows" that any address between 60-99 is an accessory.. i.e. this behaviour is hardwired into it's "brain." .

Loco address ranges will have to miss out the range address 60-99 in order for the SELECT to be useable for controlling locos. Also, if you wish to control all locos from either the SELECT and the ELITE you will be limited to an address range from 1-59 due to the two digit display on the SELECT.

If you wish to use only the ELITE for controlling locos you should be able to use any address between 1-9999.


The forthcoming "SELECT WALKABOUT" will be a device allowing full addressing capability. The SELECT WALKABOUT is not going to be available for "sometime." Unfortunately I have no product launch dates at this time.

Other comments in red below....

Hope this clarify the situation..


HH DCC Support
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