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A third GWR Dean 40ft. Passenger Luggage Van

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Finished at last, the second of the two damaged/dismantled Dean PLVs that I bought this time last year [and the third built to date]. The first photo shows the body as acquired. It was taken apart, the glue damage removed as far as possible, new buffer beams scratched up and a spare roof found as the original was found eventually to be beyond repair. Reassembled and painted in the ’27-’34 livery, it was improved by being given look-outs, corridor connections, steps, a brake reservoir and V hangers, more accurate buffers, end hand rails, brass door and commode handles and glazing with window bars. Oh, I also fitted some better lamp tops.

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An element of Rule One applies obviously as by the time of this livery, the lookouts would have probably been removed and plated over and the gas lamps replaced with electric lighting. That’s what I wanted though. The wheel centres will be painted in due course.

This is the third Dean 40ft PLV that I’ve built and have one left, still on its shrink-wrapped card. If I had the magnificent Bachmann GWR breakdown crane, I'd build it as a tool / riding van in black, but I’m in no rush……

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