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A Very Sad Loss to Modelling in UK

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I'm sad to say the following notice has just appeared on another list. I didn't know him gut his modelling and writings were an inspiration to many, including myself.


It is with regret that I have to report that Guy Williams passed away
in the early hours of this morning. Guy will be remembered as a leading
light at Pendon Museum and a great inspriation to many modellers, not
just in 4mm scale. His books on scratch building are still a source of
ideas and techniques for those who enjoy the art of building
He will be sorely missed by all those that knew him. Guy was one of
natures gentlemen and was always willing to pass on advice.
An obituary will appear in the MRJ


Kindest Regards

Richard Johnson
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This is a very sad loss indeed.

His standard of modelling was something to aspire too for many including myself.
I recall his set of articles that appeared in Model railway constructor many years ago that were later published as a book and in my opinion is the definitive text on building a locomotive.

For those who dont know he built the Brunel wodden viaduct that has become the ocon of pendon. he also built many of the locomotives at pendon including the great bear.

He had a gift for explaining things that really comes across in his book and his diagrams were always exactly what was needed and seemingly effortlessly drawn. something again i can only aspire to.

I am sorry i never got a chance to meet Guy but i have always regarded him as one of my modelling heros. i am sure he will now enjoy having unlimited space in which to build a layout. i am sure Beeson, David Jenkinson, Alan Butcher and Ian Beattie will be only too willing to help.
There must be quite a club going up there (i wonder what the membership fees are like?).

To say he will be "sorley missed buy all those who knew him" is a bit of an understatement that dosent really do him justice for he will also be missed buy those who didnt. he has had a profound effect on our hobby and has been principle in raising the standard of modelling.

Rest in peace Mr Williams.

Peter morgan
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Guy Williams was a hero. He raised the bar for 4mm scale modelling forever and made many of us ashamed of what we thought we had achieved! Pendon will always be a lasting memorial to his incredible talent.

The sad loss of a modeller amongst modellers. I was priveleged to meet Guy on my sole visit to Pendon when I found him to be a modest and unassuming man. His work has given us all something to aspire to. He will be sadly missed but his legacy will be with us for many years to come.

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