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accessories by Proses

Buffer stops

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A simple, well made buffer stop that will fit in
with many layouts. The parts can be repainted it the colour scheme does not
match what you are after exactly.

The DCC version takes power directly from the
track and the DC version connects to a low voltage accessory power supply.

I decided to mount the buffer stop directly onto
the existing track, preventing having to join-up the two different track types.
It took about a minute to install it and it works perfectly. The connectors are
soldered to the track and the frame is glued in with a few drops of super glue.
If you use the supplied section of track (Code 100 I think), then you just
connect it to the end of the siding - no soldering required.

A bit too clean and shiny out the box, so I dulled
it up with a little acrylic paint. It works perfectly and is a useful indicator
that there is DCC power to the track - at least in this far-off section of the

Road surface Asphalt Wood Composite material Road

Wheel Plant Automotive tire Vehicle Asphalt

The buffer stop is also available in G-scale. A
fine buffer for a large garden layout.

Light Black Toy Automotive tire Red

Doug Teggin

June 2010

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