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A3 Improved valve gear

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I've just extracted my new Hornby A1 "Flying Fox" from its box to install a decoder and I've noticed that Hornby have made an improvement to the valve gear hanger, it now has a far more accurate appearance than that of the first batch of A1/3s released. Gone is the not quite right step down piece bellow the running plate. They've snuck that one in without telling anyone.
Sorry, to 90% of readers this is probably a completely useless piece of information. To the LNER brigade it's probably only partially interesting . Anyway,nice to see an improved model ,I hoped they would get around to corrcting it just wasn't expecting it to be so soon.
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I like it when they do things like that. i dont think they milk it enough.
There must be sooooooo many parts to the moulds for that loco. even the variations in buffer beam for the GN loco's are catered for! its a wonderfull model.

Do you mean the bracket for the expansion link? I have a feeling that this change was made after the first two or three releases. On mine, I took the opportunity while the body was off to slightly bend the plate which carries these components upwards, so that when reassembled the brackets sit tight against the underside of the footplate. They are decent models, I just wish Hornby would do a d/c no deflectors coal rail tender late crest combination.
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