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aaaagh! The Radius Question

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G'day Gentlemen,

I am in the planning stages of setting up a railroad in my garage and am looking for input as to the hoary question of Radius to return at each end of the layout. I can afford about 5.5 metres of wall space and I am doing a single track "oval" with a minimum of points in HO.Peco settrack code 100. It will be as early british as I can "produce". some rolling green countyside, meandering track, picturesque bridge, some bucolic cows, a rural station (Tunbridge Wells has piqued my imagination!).

But before I can begin there's a bit to get ordered first. For my ends would I be skimping too much to go for a radius 3 (45degrees), R2, R2, R3? , I am also musing whether to go R4 (22.5degrees) R3, R2, R3, R4.

Experience will tell me if I got it wrong (Which is why I am not considering R1, been there done that) Your advice will probably save me an annoying layout. I am just trying to be miserly with my layout width!!!!

All comments welcome

Cheers from Mr Newbie, Bluey.
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Here's a suggestion: Start each curve with a section of R4 and then do the rest with R3 until the last section on the opposite side. In other words I'm suggesting a minimal attempt at creating a transition curve. The increased radius of the R4 will lead you eye into a much shallower looking curve and it will be slightly kinder to your rolling stock as it is persuaded to deviate from the straight ahead direction.

You might like to try other variations to get the width you want.

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