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Accessories - Review of New Releases

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There was a good selection of recent releases on show at the Continental Modelling Show held at the Ontracks premises over the weekend. Here is are some of the products that deserve a closer look.

The new Gaugemaster track bed is very impressive to look at and according to Gaugemaster is winning a new army of fans who are placing repeat orders after trying out one pack. Track simply sits in it and for pointwork you can cut a section down the middle as required.

Another type of bed features in a recent release of figures from Noch. The range has proven so popular with modellers that the series of S.E.X.Y scenes has now been extended to 7. Apparently when filming a recent hobby programme the BBC could include these figures in the broadcast, but the satellite broadcaster SKY had to edit the scenes featuring these figures out. Strange, but true!

A brand new range of cars and vans for OO/HO gauge modellers were on show from Gaugemaster. The highly detailed cars are diecast and are available at pocket money prices from all good hobby shops.

The recently launched Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance DCC control system was having one of its first demonstrations. The unit was powering a Fleischmann loco complete with sound and it all seemed very impressive. I spent a good 15 minutes with Gaugemaster's representative Ian and had a go myself. There will be more on this in the Continental Show feature in preparation.

Talking of sound the Noch Sound Station launched earlier this year was on show although it was not being demonstrated. It is an interesting concept and well worth further research if you are thinking of putting some life into your layout. An expansion pack has recently been launched with further sound modules and there is the promise of more to come.

Those short on space for their layout may want to consider The Transit System. It has been specifically designed for model railways and permits the use of parts of a room that formerly would not have been considered. Certainly, for those looking to operate a longer circuit of track on a shelf type layout at a highish level then this might be the answer!

And finally its worth reminding you that Noch do a range of ready manufactured scenery based on polystyrene. Modellers would be very hard pressed to construct something as good as this and you are able to mix and match. The example below is a section of bridge and if you consider the time element to create something like this from scratch then in terms of the cost it is a no brainer really!

These items are available through Ontracks, Gaugemaster and certain hobby stores offering products from the continent.

Happy modelling

PS A bit of promotion here. I have around 10 years experiance of setting up and taking close up shots of this type. Expect nothing less than quality snaps at Model Rail Forum! Remember that the images have been compressed to speed up page loading times and this does degrade the image. Just wait until you see the feature. I have already had a private preview of the images!
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Gary's report is now online here.

A little more info will be added in the next few days.

Thanks Gary for writing this up
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Nice, though I don't quite understand the fascination with such small layouts. I guess for some there is the uniqueness of such a small scale as Z but the N-Scale layouts that I have seen are the same size as HO but have the ability to run much longer trains. Seeing how much I can cram into a small space distorts peoples view of what N-Scale is all about. Which is long trains, the relationship between scenery to prototype size and the popularity of very large modular layouts with N-Scale being the primary proponent.
The Ontracks Continental Open Day report has now been completed and is available here.

The show exhibitors are at the top with Hornby International below this and concludes with Fleischmann. Lots of pictures and stories.

Happy modelling
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