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QUOTE (Marek Klimczyk @ 31 Jul 2008, 07:41) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Did anyone try a new ESU SwitchPilot? It has only four ports as opposed to Lenz LS150 6 ports, but it has feed back and can control to servo motors.

Price per point is almost identical give or take 20 pence.

Yes, I tried it when it first came out and dropped it in favour of the LS150 for a few reasons. Cost was one of them, the fact that it only controls snap action point motors, unless you buy the Switchpilot extension which then doubles your cost for four slow motion motors. The difficulty in programming, and lets face it, relative to the LS150 and the LDT S-dec-4 it is a major hassle. There was also the problem at the time that only German instructions were available however you can get English instructions easily now from their website. It is worth looking into if you use snap actions but not if you use slow motion.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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