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I thought it was time to update you lot on some forthcoming Accucraft releases:

View attachment 741
MNR Caledonia in 2004 blue livery

View attachment 742
Caledonia in MNR Tuscan red livery

View attachment 743
IOM 3rd Class 4-wheel coach

View attachment 744
IOM Brake 3rd 4-wheel coach

The coaches are out now, the Caledonias are due this autumn.

View attachment 745
Pre-production images of the W & L Countess / Earl

View attachment 746
I rather like this angle...

View attachment 747
A close up of the valve gear

View attachment 748
And, last but not least, the gorgeous Pickering saloon coach - you have to see the prototype in the flesh to appreciate what a superb vehicle the W & L now have.

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