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Accurascale Deltic's via Rails of Shefield

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Hi Everyone Just received my Deltics with ESU V5 sound first impressions they look fabulous including the boxe's
Rails sent them both together parcelforce 1st class 24hour for £4.00 that is a very fair price indeed. Anybody else get them Babs
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Not yet, as unfortunately Accurascale have mangled this model by going for the bad old compromise of significantly underscale diameter wheels; and the bogie frames may not be right either, as the axlebox moulding centres are below the underscale wheel centres. It's a classic in the 'spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar' tradition.

I was on this issue very early after announcement in 2018 to see if Accurascale might consider a solution which offered options of 'no compromise but you need 30" minimum radius in OO and more like five feet in P4', and the necessary compromises for R2 capability: underscale wheels to clear under the body work, and a (user removeable) packing piece to adjust body ride height to correct buffer height with underscale wheels. (For sure the axle box centres would then have been above the underscale wheel axle centres, about the same amount that the model has them below the axle centre, so clearly enough acceptable by Accurascale's standards.) I would have envisaged the model sold in R2 capable form, with an option to buy the correct diameter wheels as spares for DIY installation by the nutters who wanted it right.

I am now waiting for their EE type 3 to see if that has potential for retrofit bogies with scale diameter wheels and correct frames, should these be made available as spares.
Talk about a Negative reply why don't you tell accurascale how to make them. For me i am really happy with my two. Babs
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It's Funny how they are all sold out.
Well i will qualify that. They were all sold out at Rails of Shefield and the only ones that could be left if someone has died and did not take up their reserved ones
Hi John Interesting read as always, Thank you. I was really upset what 34C wrote as he put the model down without buying He burst my Bubble of Joy
I ordered mine 4 years ago an in that time i nearly Died Twice, so i was absolutely elated to even get mine. I used to travel behind them many times from KX To Edinburgh waverley when i was travelling to & from Boarding School in the 60's. My last ride behind the Deltic in mainline service was 31st December 1979 on a Sleeper 1st class to Aberdeen from KX For my new Job as A Pilot For Dan- Air. Happy Day's I am glad you were able to get one Enjoy. Babs
Hi John in relation to the young Hostess who travelled to London everyday. There was about 2500 cabin crew in Dan and 550 Pilots none of us got to know everyone.
I was Flying the Bae146 from 1986 and based at Gatwick until Dan's Demise in 1992 when i joined and went to Aberdeen and flew the HS748 Turboprop. Fantastic part of my life to say the least.
Thanks for the info. Will check mine over the weekend.
David I bought some excellant couplings a few months ago which i had never seen before they are Liliput. So i have replaced all my Swiss stock with them supplied by MSL

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David Good Morning ( Just ). Do you mean an uncoupler in the track that pops up. If so i do believe they would work i will go up in the loft at the weekend and give them a try.
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David Sorry i an au fait with Kadee Couplers.
Now i wont have to go in the loft Thank You.
In my Job and company i flew for we had a saying if we wanted a Direct Routing With Maastricht Control and it was
( Chug a Lug ) those were the day's
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Hi John Have only had one of my two out of the boxes yet. Not run. Someone on FB gave me the heads up about the bogies derailing and he also Had a fix which he was going to share with me. Anyway how are you.
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