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All previous plans are off, goodness knows what they put in the over 65 flu jab formulation this year, but I have never had a reaction like it, very sore upper arm, aching joints, slightly elevated temperature. I suppose that proves it 'did something'?

So I have had some available play time with the 21 tonners, and very good they are too.

I feel Accurascale have made one mistake, by supplying them with tension lock couplers fitted. These are inadequate in swinging NEM coupler pocket mountings, and quickly prove it if propelling. They should consider the Roco pattern 'rigid bar' coupler in my opinion, as this coupler head already has some UK presence via Hornby. The tension lock can be offered as an alternative in the box, with a recommendation that the coupler mount be secured rigid if the tension lock is used. I will write to them on this matter.
Hi mate,
Phew, sounds like a nasty reaction to your ‘Jab, hope you’re better soon. Did you get the flu jab last year?

My kudos to you for actually physically writing to Accurascale, I hope they take it onboard (sorry, I do hate management speak).
Having experimented extensively with pretty much all coupler designs going, I think it would be great to see if someone like this manufacturer would take the logical next step towards operational reality.
Clearly not a particularly visually realistic coupler but surely better than the tension lock?
Besides the incorrect track gauge, I feel the tension lock coupler is the worst thing in “00”.

My friend Doug, has a thing about propelling his push-pull trains as much as possible. He can run 9 or 10 coach trains around his layout, this is around radius 3 & 4 curves and up and down 1 in 40 grades - perfectly possible with European design close couplers but try that with anything fitted with tension locks and see what happens at the first curve.

Sorry, I’m getting away from Accurascale somewhat but so much British stock is now (sensibly) fitted with NEM pockets, why not utilise them?
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