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Ace Products O gauge kits

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looking on the internet i found that ace products produce quite a few southern region o gauge kits :)but the downside is that the website dosent hold any details on what the kits are made off or what they are like!

so i was wondering if anyone has had any expericene with these kits??

Are the boilers pre-rolled??
Are the instructions easy to follow?
and most importantly are the kits easy to put together??

many thanks

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Dear Tom,

I found their site just out of interest and see the prices are not too bad (not that I could ever afford one even if I wanted one) but are they 0 or 00 it doesn't state which on the 'available kits' page?

I remember seeing them at a exhibtion once and they used to advertise in a modeller magazine,which stated that all there kits were available in oo and O gauge!


Actually i stand corrected i was just browsing on there website and in the description of each loco there is a price in red which is the O gauge price and then only certain locos another price underneath stating the price of the OO gauge in blue!

So it would seem that only certain kits are available in 4mm

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Dear Tom,

I can see the blue prices hadn't noticed them before. I would assume that the kits are etched, the only thing I've made from an etched kit is a coach and as I remember it was quite difficult and took a long time, for me anyway.

This loco was General Don on the Jersey Railway and Clevedon on the WC&P, the body is made from Plastikard and the chassis from hand drilled brass strip, wheels are Slaters a Mashima motor and flywheel.

The most difficult part is the boiler, a bit of patience is required to bend the plastikard into a circle, if you make a mess of it the first time you can always cut another piece. What doing it this way gives you is the opportunity to make a complete balls up, learn from it and start again without spending your hard earned cash.

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plastic tube?

copper central heating pipe?

inserts inside rolls of stuff?

automotive brake pipe, for that T gauge loco you promised yourself?
The kits are quite good, but at not for the beginer, as there is a lot of work to do which is nearly scratch building as the kit is etches and whitemetal castings. The boiler can be supplied rolled if you ask but I think they generally come as a flat sheet of parts. The other thing is that the instructions are basic and assume you have built locos from etched kits before. If you read the brm, tony wright has agreed to write the instructions for one of the kits that he built as he had questioned the ace instructions being good enough to build the kit.

The kits do make up into good models and I have seen quite a few finished by experianced builders. One said he had used about 80% of the kit and made the rest from scratch!

hope this helps

mike g
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