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Adding lighting to old locomotives

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Has anyone had experience of adding lighting to old engines, in particular the Triang class 31 or 37? I have just started attempting to do this on a very battered example as a trial and any advise would appreciated.
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another option ...which is really pre-DCC era...and first advocated by US to create a diode bridge the purpose of which is to allow reduced lighting voltages..........with a view to near-as-dammit constant lighting?

I have hard copy articles from the likes of Model Railroader giving used the principles of a diode using around 1.5 volts.....

these used GOW bulbs [in the ones I did years ago] LED's might prove an easier option?

why not power them via a small battery, to have true constant lighting? Switches activated by traction power/polarity would not be too hard an option to invent???
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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