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Adding lighting to old locomotives

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Has anyone had experience of adding lighting to old engines, in particular the Triang class 31 or 37? I have just started attempting to do this on a very battered example as a trial and any advise would appreciated.
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Dc Lights

does anybody make and sell headlight fittings? as retro fitted to most and current running 1:1 locos?
by the way the electronics is not an issue, i am electronics engineer by trade, making the headlight appear OK is more important, and knowing that modern lights are available for the DRS class 37 (and possibly 55) does anybody know of a manufacturer of headlight mouldings that would suit.

I would link too a site with pics of 31's

'cos this class is one of the first I saw leaving Tostre works at a very young age (my young age not the engine
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Ordered some headlight moulding units via Howes Models

If these work I will have to buy new buffer beams 'cos the body i'm using has half of them missing.

I'll try and post some pics as available (how do you do this)

The Tri-Ang class 31 only has the (correctly ish) red marker lights moulded.

Oh and I am not quite as old as a 31
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