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I've just found this forum by accident tonight so I've registered as the topics and responses are very well managed and useful. I currently model in HO (SNCF) and am entirely happy. However I'm trying to encourage my son , aged 10 years, to take up railway modelling. Previous attempts in OO have faltered due to a lack of space, he ideally would like a layout in his bedroom which would lead me to look at N gauge and I've found the Minitrix SNCF start set ( BB22xxx and 4 wagons plus 3 points) which looks good value. Does anybody have any experience of Minitrix N gauge track, is it any good and are the points the insulfrog or the electrofrog variety? Would it be better to buy component parts seperately? The engineering of continental N guage looks better than the British N gauge currently on offer, although this is improving I believe, which is leaning me to continue the SNCF/Continrntal theme that I am used to.

I'm an officer in the Royal Navy currently stationed in France so availability of N gauge continental material is not a problem, but I would be interested in your views.

many thanks

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