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QUOTE The Yanks are good at customer service.

Accepting that is normally the case ultimately it depends on which territory you are in. Some might say that Hornby Customer Service in the UK is second to nobody and I really mean no UK company in any field!

It may be hard for those outside the UK to understand this but it does go a long way to explain why Horby are held in such high regard by its UK customers. And as things get more technical for those customers then the good customer service will be essential.

And generally you only need customer service when things go wrong. Warley MRC are having a difficulty with a certain manufacturer as the console keeps cutting out and its not a short. The manufacturer seem to have little interest much to the frustration of those club users experimenting with the set up. There seem to be a few shrugged shoulders among club members. And there are some experianced DCC users in the club. The manufacturer has not yet offered to take the equipment back which Hornby would do immediately if all avenues had been explored. I'll report in due course as and when things develope. I do not want to name names at this stage however this is a real life experiance of "American" customer service as applied to the UK.

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I don't care much for customer service of any kind. Call me cynical, but most times I call any customer service I end up worse off that before I started.

I've used Hornby customer service twice and probably won't be calling them again - Just my point of view...

Bachmann customer service accused me of not reading instructions when I reported a broken part to them. I did get a replacement - even though it wasn't the right replacement...

Back to DCC - I had an issue with my Lenz system recently. Lenz guys couldn't help by email, but they did communicate well. I eventually tracked down the problem myself and they were interested in the findings. Something for a future FAQ perhaps.
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