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QUOTE (dwb @ 20 Oct 2006, 18:14) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I've had an idea for how to "address" DCC locomotives visiting another DCC layout. I am only proposing it for second generation command units with graphic displays because I think the user interface needed for my proposal would be too opaque for the typical 2x16 character displays found on older units.

This method relies on the command station having a database of all the "home" units. The procedure is as follows:-

1) The visiting loco is put on the programming track.
2) The command station reads back the loco's current active address
3) The command station looks up the home database and chooses a free address.
4) The command station reprograms the loco with the free address and records the original address in the loco.
5) The command station offers other steps as appropriate for "integrating" the visiting loco - eg offering a choice of "friendly name", so that the visiting loco can be selected and driven like any "home" loco.
6) At the end of the session, the visiting loco is put back on the programming track.
7) The command station reads the "free address" it used earlier, uses that to fetch the original address it stored earlier and reprograms the locomotive to its original address

That's the basic procedure. There are other features that could be added such as
a) Seeing if the visiting loco has no address conflict and so no need to reprogram.
B) Allowing the choice of using the current "inactive" address slot in a 2/4 digit decoder;
c) "pinging" the layout to see if the home loco with the same address is actually on track and not in a show case

With the computing power now available in the 2nd gen units, this should quite possible.
In fact, 1st generation units with a PC connection might be able to do the same? or the software to do this already exists?

Do you think this idea will fly?


Not exactly "fly" but that's far too easy for some people.

Easy solution to one of the most frequent "anti-DCC brigades" "issues" with converting to DCC on a club level.

best regards
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