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QUOTE (Makemineadouble @ 21 Oct 2006, 10:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>No I'm not deliberately misunderstanding whats said. Your proposal won't work with existing hardware.
It could work with existing hardware, but you would have to perform all the steps and checks manually.
QUOTE Your inventing a solution where one isn't required.
You personally might not need to do such things, but there are plenty of clubs where loco address duplication could be a problem, especially when everyone has chosen to adopt the same address because it is for a standard unrenumbered RTR item ('last two digits' syndrome).
QUOTE The addition of a computer simply adds to the cost and is probably unacceptable to 95% of potential users. In an Hobby where a large proportion of potential users seem to regard DCC in the same light as some type of Witch Craft this proposal is impractical.
A computer would only be needed if you want to aotumate the procedure using existing hardware. There is no reason why a manufacturer could not incorporate such a capability into a new command station design. It becomes a feature of that station, nothing to do with the DCC standard itself.

An alternative but similar method would be to use the facilities that already exist for Advanced Consisting, where a loco is given a secondary consist address, leaving its own address intact. Each visiting loco would be assigned a consist number (even though it would be the only one using it), use it for the duration of the session, and then be de-consisted at the end. Even if this was forgotten at the time, the owner could do it with his/her own system when they get home.
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