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Being in the process of planning a GWR layout in an urban setting, I note with some dismay the paucity of available GWR suburban carriages on the market ready to run - all that seem to be available are the Airfix/GMR/Dapol/Hornby B-set carriages and old Triang clerestories.

I initially though of trying to "cut and shut" several Airfix B set brake composites to make thirds or non-brake composites of the same design (61ft bow-ended), but my initial attempts were made more difficult than I had anticipated by the fact that these particular models have the roofs, sides and ends all moulded as one part, and my attempts at cutting were not successful. Even if I were to do a better job of cutting, it is apparent that there would be an obviously visible gap in the body side and roof (the original plan to cut along the door seam to make the cuts virtually invisible being thwarted by the integral moulding), so the application of model filler and a full re-paint would then be needed.

I thought that having a go at 3d printing might be a better idea if painting will be necessary in any event, especially as I am already somewhat familiar with Blender. Over the week-end, I managed to construct a model in three parts for a 58ft bow ended non-brake non-corridor composite, which I have now ordered to test. I have made them available on Shapeways as below:

underframe; and

Although these are listed for sale, they are set at cost price (so I do not profit from this - all the money goes to Shapeways for their printing service), and all of the 3d models are downloadable to enable people to modify them or have them printed at a different establishment, or even at home.

Although I have ordered this, I have not yet had it delivered (this may take some weeks), so I am not sure how it will turn out.

I did attempt to produce a flush glazing panel in transparent acrylic, but I could not work out how to do this properly, so one might have to use plain strips of transparent plastic for the time being. I have not produced bogies for this at this stage - this is intended to accept the bogies from the Airfix (etc.) B set carriages, which are actually cheaper to buy at about £8 each on eBay than the cost of two 3d printed bogies, possibly a set of 8 bearings and 4 wheels. Whether the bogies from the coach that I dismembered to test the cut and shut system will fit as intended is another matter, but testing will demonstrate this in good time.

If this transpires to be successful, I may well add a number of other carriages; further bow ended non-corridors should not be too much work as I can adapt what I have already produced fairly easily. I may well also have a go at the toplight carriages, both the express carriages and the "city and suburban" toplight sets that ran to Liverpool Street.

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I haven't had anything to do with 3D printing, but have used software like Blender and Niftools for 3D gaming work.Can you confirm for me that a 3D printer will replicate any 3D software object; and that most 3D software formats are supported?
Not sure what you're planning here, but I would see as much potential for replacement parts and scenery parts. Assuming that the raw plastic ware is suitable for the purpose.
Thanks for your post.
EDIT: I just looked at the models and the prices. You may consider a 'by request' strategy.

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Hi Everyone I know this is quite an old Thread I am very interested in 3D Printing and software i am about to invest in a 3d printer and 3d pen for smaller jobs i am going to attempt to replicate the few stations i requirefor my HO layout. For Example Interlaken Ost andmy home town of Wetter on the Ruhr. I have come across other websites with a lot of predone HO items converted to Stl files to download., to print Bridges etc. For my own peojects i will be using tinkercad. And have already quite pleased with some of thevery basic things i have been able to do. Babs
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