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What is Model Rail Forum?

Model Rail News, Features, Reviews, Resources and Community Forum.

This site and associated Forum is dedicated to exploring, sharing, learning and teaching the skills of the Model Railway hobby.

Model Rail Forum comprises of:

* A Portal which welcomes users and lists the latest news stories from the forum.
* A Resources section offering information, advice and downloads to users.
* A Reviews section where members can write up reviews of Model Railway locomotives, rolling stock and accessories.
* A Links section offering links to other Model Rail hobby and related activity sites.
* And finally a Community Forum.

How do ads perform?

Each banner gets shown over 87,000 times a month on Model Rail Forum! This is good visibility for your company and brand and even if it doesn't generate a click-though all the time, it keeps your brand image fresh in the minds of model railway fans and hobbyists. Our click through rate (CTR) average is between 0.15% and 0.4% for normal banners (depending on advertisers) and between 5% and 15% for Buy-It-Now buttons that are shown on Buy-It-Now pages linked to from the reviews.

Advantage of on-line ads

Compared to print ads, on-line ads can link directly to your website and on-line shop. You can generate a sale and you can track this directly. With detailed statistics, you can see how many times your banner is shown then how many times it is clicked. Visitor tracking (such as Google Analytics) on your site can then determine what the visitor (from Model Rail Forum) does on your site and if his visit results in a sale.

Location - Where the ads will go?

A rotating banner placement will be at the top of every forum page that is shown. We also accept banner advertising within in the Reviews, Resources and Shopping sections. See the "Buy-It-Now" section below for specific product placement ads.

Banner Advertisement

468 pixels wide and 60 pixels high

No other dimensions will be accepted. All advertisements must follow Forum guidelines: found here.

Banner targeting and capping

Thanks to an advanced targeting system our ad server can deliver different banners based on many different parameters, such as keyword, IP address, domain, weekday, hour of the day, language, browser or operating system. It is even possible to combine these parameters and use logical operators to create very specific situations in which banners are delivered. In addition to this it is also possible to limit the delivery of banners based on how often a banner is already shown to a specific visitor and how long since the visitor last saw the banner.

These features are available, if you are interested in any of them, please contact us.

Banner Statistics

We supply simplified banner view and click-through stats data weekly sent by email.


Please send the items to be included to [email protected], including the image(s) to be used. If you need advice on this, then please contact us. You may include and refer to images hosted on other servers.

Buy it Now

Items in our reviews and resources sections may have a "Buy it now" button 250 pixels wide and 50 pixels high, which users click to find retailers of the product they are viewing. You can list yourself there to take advantage of immediate interest that the reader may have! This is offered free to companies who purchase banner advertising.

"Buy it now" button:


Enquiries may be addressed to [email protected]. Please contact us for pricing and payment plans.

Placement of ads and acceptance of ads will be at the final discretion of the forum administrators.

Note: We maintain the right to free editorial content in the forums.
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