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I would like to thank the Model Rail Forum advertisers for helping to support the forum.

Please help and support these businesses and tell them that you found them on Model Rail Forum.

What is the point of banners? How often are they clicked? Are they worth it? Given the facts, it shouldn't surprise you that the average CTR (click-through ratio) for banner ads is nowadays around 0.2%, meaning that on average a banner has to be shown 500 times before it gets clicked even once.

Banner ads used to be a very popular form of advertising in the past. Five years ago, in 1997, the average CTR for banner ads was as high as 2%.

What about Model Rail Forum and our sister site Our banners average at just over 0.2%. Some banners get up to 0.45%. The Buy-it Now buttons on, linked to from the reviews pages, have a CTR of between 8% and 15% which is very high. Obviously for a shop or business, that is where you want to be.

Banners, even when not clicked, help keep the name of a shop or brand in public view. Perhaps it works subconsciously, but ads are remembered and when people want to purchase, there is a good chance that they will remember something that they have seen recently.

If any businesses out there are interested in advertising with us then please request the rates by sending an email to me at [email protected].
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