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Advice on Good Book On Model Rlw Electronics for Idiots!

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Just a very quick question if i all you Model Rlw electronic experts out there...
Sorry if i am posting this in the wrong forum?

I am 50 & know just about how to wire a plug...their are many valid reasons for this..which i will not go in to..i myself am not able to build, but I am interested in learning..a bit late in the day..but you have to begin somewhere....

I would be very much obliged for any reccomendations to a good up-to-date book on the subject of model Rlw Electronics..not just DCC which in my case may not be relavent anyway?
from simple wiring to understanding isolated sections e.t.c e.t.c......also animation, point control, and so on..the full spectrum..but written in easy to understand language would be preferable...

thanks in advance

all the very best
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Peco do some reasonable and cheap guides on DC electrical wiring. Local Peco stockists should have these available. They do really tell you all you need to know including baseboard considerations and how to route the wiring to keep maintenance simple. These principles possibly apply to DCC also.

Peco "How to...." guides

Happy modelling
Hi Gary,
many thanks for your asistance much appreciated..i will of course try to get hold of the brochures you list from peco..went to the site but no prices lsisted?or ordering details..I live in Norway,,(forgot to say) but i will contact beer seaton....

Would still like to pick up a good book on the subject if possible

all the best steve
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As I understand it, Peco don't sell from their site so as not to take trade from their retailers, so you will have to try one of the online retailers, preferably one with a good reputation for overseas delivery particularly outside the EU. Getting the customs formalities right is an acquired art form. Maybe for books you should try a railway book shop. There are sure to be a few out there.

You might find the Model Electronic Railway Group website helpful. You can find them here

Hi David,
Much problems with custom formalities No VAT or other charges for most non Eu countries..I will try the model electonic rlw you fact i will visit them after sending this reply..and once again many thanks

all the best steve
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