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Advice on painting a Hobbytrain Taurus please

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Hello everyone,

I'd like advice on painting a Hobbytrain Taurus (see pictures below). I currently don't have any painting equipment and am seeking advice on whether an airbrush is recommended or not in N scale?

The specifics are that whilst I'm applying full colour stickers to the sides I need to paint the front and rear ends in metallic gold. Fortunately the ends of the model don't have very much detail and so I would hope I could get away with using spray paint. Could anyone recommend a good type/brand to use with a smooth finish or particularly fine spray? I think some exist for model plane makers?

Or would people say that I should invest in an airbrush to get a smooth finish/thin coating? I'm not sure if I plan to do many paint conversions but I imagine an airbrush can be used for layout detailing, weathering and all manner of other useful things once you have one...

Thanks in advance for any advice,


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QUOTE (ashleyh @ 16 Mar 2007, 15:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Are you planning to respray this into the Mozart livery? If so I have this model in HO from Roco and can supply some photos to help.
Exactly! The most difficult livery possible to remake I imagine...
...thanks for the offer but fortunately I don't need any photos because I've been able to contact the designer!

QUOTE My family and I visit Worgl and the surrounding areas every summer, last summer we stayed in Niederau. We love Austria and travelling on the railway there!
It's a beautiful area indeed, especially up in the Wildschonau. Niederau is very nice and there are always plenty of trains to see down in Wörgl. (Alas no model shops...) So the trains aren't quite as punctual as the Swiss ones but then the Swiss don't have the Mozart Taurus!

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QUOTE (idd15 @ 16 Mar 2007, 23:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Having said that try Tamiya acrylics in spray cans first. Warm the can in hand hot water before and after a good shake and see how you like the results. Its a cheap experiment in comparison to getting kitted up with an airbrush!
Oh yes and another tip I picked up from a Top Gun RC model champion. After spraying turn your model upside down so all the dust and overspray doesn't stick to your new paint!
Thanks, that seems an excellent first step!

Can anyone suggest a suitable varnish to use with Tamiya acrylics, and on the rest of the model?

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