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Advice on painting a Hobbytrain Taurus please

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Hello everyone,

I'd like advice on painting a Hobbytrain Taurus (see pictures below). I currently don't have any painting equipment and am seeking advice on whether an airbrush is recommended or not in N scale?

The specifics are that whilst I'm applying full colour stickers to the sides I need to paint the front and rear ends in metallic gold. Fortunately the ends of the model don't have very much detail and so I would hope I could get away with using spray paint. Could anyone recommend a good type/brand to use with a smooth finish or particularly fine spray? I think some exist for model plane makers?

Or would people say that I should invest in an airbrush to get a smooth finish/thin coating? I'm not sure if I plan to do many paint conversions but I imagine an airbrush can be used for layout detailing, weathering and all manner of other useful things once you have one...

Thanks in advance for any advice,


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I fear Phoenix and I don't get on : their nondrying matt varnish drove me up the wall. I much prefer Railmatch or Humbrol. However that's not a lot of use here as Railmatch's colours are matched to British liveries.

The other UK standby is a trip to Halfords for a spray can of car paint in a good matching shade. But again not sure that helps you
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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