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Advice on track systems

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Hi, I'm new to this forum, and am finding it very intereting and helpful.

I wonder if anybody can help with some advice.
I have an N-gauge layout which I have been building, with not much progress, for about 10 years. I decided to use Peco code 55 track and electrofrog points with a ZTC DCC system. I'm pretty useless when it comes to electrics so I cajoled my (very reluctant) electronics engineer husband to do it for me (yes, I'm one of those strange female modellers). However my tracklaying skills are pretty negligible too - I like scenery and buldings. I stupidly laid the track on the Peco foam underlay as it made it easier to lay, but have now found that some of it, especially the bits under the points, have started to disintegrate. I have quite a large loco stud for a small layout but most of them don't run very well on the layout which has discouraged me from further progress. Also the points, especially the older ones, tend to short out with the DCC sometimes, if there is a tiny bit of dirt in the rails, and I have blown up a couple of chips (very expensive). I know it's not anything to do with the locos or the DCC because I built a simple oval test track and that works just fine.
Anyway to cut a long story short, I'm thinking of ripping it all up and starting again, perhaps with something a bit less ambitious so I might have a chance of finishing it before I'm too old to climb into the loft (maybe not all that long) and to give me a chance of actually getting to play with the trains. I have been thinking about going for a Kato or Tomix track system and would welcome some advice from anyone who has some experience of these systems. I was particularly interested in Tomix as they do a three way point and seem to have a wide range, but I can't find out any information about it or where to get it from.
I would like to know exactly how these track systems work, how easy they are to wire up, if nayone has used them with DCC, and hoe the point motors work - are they surface mounted and if so, how would you hide them when building scenery? My current layout has 12 points on it. Does anyone know where I can get more information especially about Tomix, but I would be interested in Kato as well. Any help or advice will be most gratefully received!
Thanks in advance!!
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Hi Josek,
Welcome to the forum

Kato track is more widely available and is a good system to use for DCC being pre ballasted it is quicker to lay and wiring it to DCC is easy a friend doesnt solder to the track using the joiners to trap the wires in without problems, the points are a lot easier as well having built in motors within the track housing saving disguised surface mounted motors.

Have a look here for the range available they will be able to give you more details on your requirments.

A review of Kato track is here but you need to click on the + icon at the top of the screen to save squinting to read it.
It clearly shows the point motor inside its housing saving on a lot of work in the usual conventionally.
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in what way is Kato Unitrack any better or worse for digital than any other- the points are insulfrogs, you are limited to where you can power the track, and quite frankly i cant see any advantage in a track system with such a limited selection of points and crossovers.

i wonder if all the comments of it being "ideal for digital" are some kind of advertising or spam
hi there josek ...

thats a very interesting article ... i made a start on my layout this time last year, put it all on hold for the spring summer autumn and am about to restart on it this week ... building the 2nd level baseboards!.

i use fleischmann piccolo track ... its pre-ballasted like kato ... but you can get live-frog points and the frog polarity is automatically controlled by the point - no extra wiring is needed making for a very simple installation. they also make a 3-way point that u will like. (although the 3 way point isnt electro-frog - small locos still run thru it very well)

i use the fleischmann twin centre and twin control system which is old by todays standards but i like it and it seems to work well although it can only control 8 loco functions. (more than enough for me to deal with!)

but id certainly have a look at fleischmanns n gauge track system - and iv found that they are readily available in the uk.
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