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Advice please?

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Still new to this forum,I hope it's ok to ask for some advice here,if there's an area I should ask ,I'm sorry ...point me right and I'll go there....but till then...can any one say if the Hornby A4 Class 60027 'Merlin' BR Experimental blue,is a good investment as I seem to be collecting A4's ..without realising it but still a newbee to modeling I'd like to get get people's I know where to get it

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Investment in model trains is a difficult one.

What is expensive today may not be the case tomorrow.

Mint unused boxed examples are the items that will always fetch the highest price.

But something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.

If you look at Ebay where two or more people want an item the price will be higher than if only one person wants it.

If you like the locomotive and want it and it will give you enjoyment, then purchase it.

I collect 3 specific wagons of which 1 example per year is released. Are they worth anything, possibly as the complet set they are worth less than if I sold them individually.

Hope this helps

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Collecting can be a bit of a trap , Sometimes you can buy a Locomotive cheap because no one else is looking for it at that time and that is great.

There are so many variations in earlier models (50's especially) I saw one HO Lithographed tinplate coach (must have been at the change over point in the production line ) in CIWL colours with DSG lettering , 1952 production in very poor condition sell for over US$400 or a little HO O&K Diesel loco body shell only in yellow sell for US$1200

If you are lucky enough to find a rare item , collectors will pay big $

I wanted to have all the rolling stock in a particular catalog (1962 Fleischmann) , because it was the first catalog I had , I managed to collect about 90% of it , but along the way I bought so many other items and duplicated items it got ridiculous
so most of it I have since sold and kept some of the rare items and my personal favourites .


I have a friend who has collected every item in the 1952 (his year of birth) Marklin catalogue.

It is a stunning collection. There is a specific coach that was made for 1 year only that took him a long time to find, and he needed 3 versions of it (2 for starter sets). He bought and sold a lot of items for this colection so that he has ended up with mint in box items.

Best thing about the collection is that he does display it, and some of the things are really surprising, original Marklin wire in the original paper packets!

That's what I mean by a trap

One of the wagons , I did not acquire sometimes sells for $200+ , I could not justify that sort of expense for a 4 wheel wagon. Mind you I have nearly always sold at a good profit and sometimes a bargain comes along

I recently bought the Fleischmann 1952 HO catalog at 25% of what it usually goes for . It took 6 years of trying .
Now I have every HO Catalog till 2007 and have scanned the early ones into the computer , so I don't wear them out. You can't run catalogs on a layout though


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Hi Mike,

There's little I can add to the good advice from John & Zmil, however anything marketed as a "collectable" does not seem to be worth as much as run of the mill items that were produced in small numbers for whatever reason (maybe not good sellers ?)
Further to that last point, it is interesting that things marketed as 'collectable' usually end up being anything-but (and this does not just apply to model trains). I have a copy of the british model train price guide and some of the figures are prettty eye-watering - several thousand pounds for some rare Wrenns for example. I think spending more on a model locomotive than I would spend on a car is lunacy but then again each to their own. The problem with collecting is that you are in danger of putting lots of nice goodies in a cabinet and never using them.
Many thanks chaps ....always listen to advise,it's free and more often then not,right on the money(pardon the pun) cheers
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Off piste a bit but I do have one of the Merlin's and must say its a lovely model, of course I lost any future value as I installed smoke and sound, that darned speedo drive is a pain.

A nice model indeed and worthy of collection for what it is.

Mike, I have added a "qualifier" to your post topic, I hope you don't mind. People will hook into a subject if there's more in the title to indicate what it's about!

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