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Advice sought on relays and associated electronic circuitry .

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Hi , as a novice on electronics I need some advice as to whether a project started by my late father which I am trying to complete is viable as per the attached amateurish circuit diagram ( my one and not the Lenz one lol ) .I should explain that I am trying to operate 2 Seep N gauge electromagnetic uncouplers via 2 outputs of a Lenz LS150 accessory decoder and using 2 IN 4001 diodes as per the Lenz instructions to produce a 2 wire output as used for stall motor type points machines , the LS150 outputs approx 15 volts AC from it's initial 16 volts AC supply or rather I think it's an AC output but am not sure if the diodes rectify the current to DC ? ,I want to use the 2 LS150 outputs to trigger 2 non latching relays ( advice sought on type) to provide 18 volts DC to the 2 uncouplers from a seperate and dedicated 18 volt DC PSU , if the LS 150 is still outputting AC rather than DC with diodes in place ? I have a block signalling PSU1 device which can convert the AC to DC and offer 3 12 volt DC outputs to send the signal voltage to the relays , I hope this makes sense as my use of terminology is most likely incorrect ?.
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Thanks 34C and Darra , I was aware that I needed to increase the LS 150's pulse to 3 seconds as an initial setting and also needed to give it an address so i'm awaiting the arrival of a solenoid PM to enable me to do so , dad only used Cobalts and the Lenz addressing instructions for the LS150 appear to insist on having a Solenoid PM connected to carry this operation out , as soon as i've addressed it and set the pulse i'll do as you suggest 34C and see if it gives the desired result , i'll report back when i've tested it .
But you need to have a load on one of the outputs to set the master address or so A&H models say in their video of the LS150 , dad wanted complete computer control even down to turning various lights on or off across the layout according to the light levels ( it has sensors at various points ) and i'm not one for playing trains as such but am rather trying to complete what my dad set out to do , please don't think that I don't value your help 34C because I most definately do , as for the Solenoid point motor ? i'm not buying one but rather i'm borrowing one from one of dads friends as i'm not great with electrickery and I can just follow what A&H do Parrot fashion .
For the benefit of others who may face the same challenge that I have I eventually arrived at what has proved to be the perfect solution utilising a product that is new to the market Relay Controller .
Hi , I can now say that I have the uncouplers working precisely as hoped for by using the RL1 twin relay board that has an onboard DCC chip in conjunction with 2 relay timer boards per uncoupler , I had a great deal of extremely helpful advice and even a circuit diagram and advice on components plus a translation of the Chinglish instructions for the timer boards setup from an electronics forum that my late father occasionally used .So I now have what is needed for full computer control of the uncouplers making the uncoupling process entirely automatic ,The RL1 is a really great piece of kit and I recommend it wholeheartedly if relays and DCC control thereof is what you want .If anyone is interested give me a shout and i'll share the details of how to do it .
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