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QUOTE (Sigma @ 16 Mar 2007, 09:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi

I am working on my first layout and I had some questions come up.

Firstly I was wondering whether point motors are necessary. I only have four pionts on my layout and they are all within easy reach from where the controls are. Since this is my first layout I was wondering whether its worth to have them or not? and whether not haveing them will become a problem running the trains later?

And I have just bought some underlay? To use it do you just stick it in and pin the track over and then glue the ballast on top?

Hi Sigma

Like you, I am also working on my first layout, and have decided to use Gem manual point control.
I like the idea of working the points myself, so I will give it a go, as my layout is not very big.
If you can get hold of a copy of MODEL RAIL magazine SEPTEMBER 2006 issue, there is a very good article on page 62 by
Chris Leigh in which he describes using the Gem point control system, complete with photos.

Hope this helps

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