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After Hislop on Beeching, which lines would you have kept open?

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After the Hislop on Beeching topic, which lines would you have definitely saved?

The major links to Devon and Cornwall? The Waverley route? Stirling to Oban via Callander? The Bluebell Line? Somerset & Dorset?

Are there any you'd have closed, such as the very small, hardly used, branch lines?

Should rail freight have been allowed to compete price-wise with road transport in the 50s and 60s?

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i would have kept open the great central. it would have been a very usefull third line to the north. it was also built to continental loading gauges so i suspect we would have been seeing some very interesting trains using that route.

One thing that wasnt really mentioned in the film was the issure of redundency. some of these branch lines would be extremly usefull when engineering work is taking place or when there is an accident. there is simply no belt and braces to the current railway an i thnk its getting worse in this respect. you only need an out of control barbecue with a gas bottle nearby and it closes a railway for 24 hours. the minor routes would be invaluable.

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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