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What amazes me with this country is why didn't Britain follow the Irish route which became EU legislation? In that once a line is closed in Ireland, CIE had to keep everything in place (not necessarily maintained) for 10 YEARS and only after that date could it be lifted. This became an EU Directive and it worked for the Irish, for they have re-opened Limerick-Ennis to passenger traffic and in the process of re-opening the 'Burma Road' (Claremorris-Ennis).

But the Brits as always, do their own thing which is why we the great unwashed, pay the most fines to Brussels! It was worse in Thatcher days, so I don't think there will be that many glowing obituaries when she pops her clogs!

The lines I would loved to have seen still open:

Bishop's Stortford - Braintree. Imagine the diversion potential of that line when the GE main line screws up!

Witham-Maldon. The existing roads and bus services cannot cope with the vast amount of commuters parking up at Witham, Hatfield Peverel and Chelmsford stations.

Aberdeen - Ballater. Ran through some of Scotland's most spectacular countryside and its tourist and commuter potential lies untapped.

Somerset and Dorset. Now imagine that being double-tracked and used as a Cross-Country route by Voyagers?

Over to the rest of you!

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