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QUOTE (Purley Oaks @ 5 Oct 2008, 12:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>After the Hislop on Beeching topic, which lines would you have definitely saved?

The major links to Devon and Cornwall? The Waverley route? Stirling to Oban via Callander? The Bluebell Line? Somerset & Dorset?

Are there any you'd have closed, such as the very small, hardly used, branch lines?

Should rail freight have been allowed to compete price-wise with road transport in the 50s and 60s?

All of them ,but not always with all the rails and infrastructure left in place .The right of way and legal gubbins should have been left intact.Many lines will never be reopened as the right of way is taken over by a business ,roads etc.One day we will need all these lines.The map of Britains more isolated communities is also a map of the railways destroyed and when the oil runs out or just becomes too expensive ,or even a major war in oil exporting regions which involve tankers sinking on a large scale,we will need those lines back .Its simple to relay a replacement rail system on a trackbed that is intact .I do think a lot of those lines were little used and must have cost a fortune to keep running , but that was only in a period of cheap and available oil .Peter's point about alternative routes is a good one .I hadnt thought of that ,probably no-one else did at the time .
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