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After Hislop on Beeching, which lines would you have kept open?

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After the Hislop on Beeching topic, which lines would you have definitely saved?

The major links to Devon and Cornwall? The Waverley route? Stirling to Oban via Callander? The Bluebell Line? Somerset & Dorset?

Are there any you'd have closed, such as the very small, hardly used, branch lines?

Should rail freight have been allowed to compete price-wise with road transport in the 50s and 60s?

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QUOTE (Piermaster @ 5 Oct 2008, 20:40) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Bishop's Stortford - Braintree. Imagine the diversion potential of that line when the GE main line screws up!

Not long after the line was closed, 3 big housing estates were built in Dunmow, how many other towns suffered rapid expansion after their railway had closed?
All politicions are the same, looking for solutions in the short term, no matter what flag they fly - fools.
Paul M.
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