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QUOTE (woko @ 6 Oct 2008, 14:04) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The article in this months Hornby Magazine about weathering was all good, but I am looking to weather my locos using an airbrush. What I would like to know is whether anyone can suggest some good colours/paint range for rust, dirt, and grime, or any other possible colours that might be successful? Also anyone know of any good colour photo reference online or books I can use a guide?

The article that you refer to was in fact penned by myself and although I use a dry brush technique first I do also use an airbrush for the final stages. I do feel that airbrush alone will not give the depth and texture that you can achieve with a combination of the techniques.

It does make a change however to be asked about airbrush only and generally I get asked about the situation where the modeller has no airbrush!

I would recommend the same colours for rust etc that I use for dry brushing such precision paints light and dark rust etc.
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