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QUOTE (Brian @ 18 Aug 2006, 19:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Not Butane or Propane or Camping Gaz thats for sure!!!

As far as I'm aware commercial available propellant for airbrushing is nothing more that compresses air!

I wouldn't recommend anyone to use any type of LPG as a propellant for anything else other than what its designed for. If your short of cash obtain an old (or new) car tyre and take it to the local garage and inflate it from their air line and use that as a propellant.
At least compressed air it wont catch fire

Excellent idea Brian - surprised that no-ones come up with that before - come to think of it did'nt Humbrol market a tyre adaptor thingy some time ago ? (age showing.)

Slightly off-topic I seem to remember early VW Beetles using the air pressure from the spare wheel to poer the screen washer jets. (Age showing again.0

best regards
(another one in Kent - within sight of the Hornby "factory).
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