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My brother and I have used several different airbrushes over the years, aztec, revel, humbrel and badger and a few I cant remember!

We have now settled on the badger 200 as it is dismantleable and easier to clean and you can replace the rubber seals as needed.

Until recently we never bothered with a compresor or the correct propelant, we used camping gaz tins from wilko's, they have the same gas inside and are much cheaper at about £2 a can compared to £5 or £6 for the real thing, this has one very big draw back, it smells and you need a very well ventilated area or do it outside weather permittimg of course! This then limits you to when you can spray, either good weather or 'she who hold the purse string' is out, so a compressor was needed.

Like you, money is not free flowing and I would rather spend it on a new loco, and thats were my brother came in, he 'aquired' from someone an old compressor from a pub that used it for the lager pressure system for around £20, bargin, it has a water trap built in so is ideal for modelling, with a few miles of hose to adapt i out pipe to fit the brush and its perfect, it works so well that now he has 'aquired' another one for me, all I need is the water trap and some hose, this new one even has two outlets so we can both spray at the sametime.

So if you know anyone who works for a brewery in the bar fitters department, give them a call and ask if they are refitting a bar at some stange, bung them 20 quid and you could get a cheap compressor!!

Happy Modelling

aka Bro Sewell
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