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I don't know if this is a topic we have discussed before however it seems like a good idea to bring any thoughts, hints and tips on the subject together in one thread.

Several thin coats are much better than one or two thick coats and a priming coat is always a good idea no matter which material is being painted.

It is a good idea to obtain a large card box and create a spray room within it with a turntable upon which you can place the subject. This keeps the paint within a contained area and being able to turn the model rather than you having to work your way around a static model makes airbrushing more manageable.

Why don't a few of you give it a go on an old loco body that is a bit tired?

You may be able to create that loco that you have always wanted but which the manufacturers always seem to overlook!

And of course airbrushing works well for scenic backdrops, buildings and other model railway subjects. You can practice on a cheap Dapol kit before progressing to something more expensive.

Happy modelling
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Do you use your airbrush to do weathering Peter?
How easy is it or is it just a case of practice makes perfect?
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QUOTE I never mind spending money on tools. I figure that I have 50 years of modelling ahead of me so I would rather get the decent ones to start with and use them for my whole life.

Thats a sound strategy. As long as you now you will get the use out of the tools, and it certainly looks like you do, it's an investment.
I have quite a lot of small scale tools which I have spent a bit of money on but they get the use. I also model wooden sailing boats and they get used there as well as on my train stuff. I guess you have to make a choice whther you want to get seriously into this kind of modelling or not. I can see all sorts of benefits of using this set up for painting, for scenery and buildings as well as model trains.
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