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QUOTE (pedromorgan @ 9 Apr 2008, 15:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hello Tony

Yes i have read it and its excellent.
I do disagree with it on a few things (mainly the recommendation about which airbrush to buy, it recommends the 150 which as i have explained above is a good brush but a bit old fashioned.) but other than that its an excellent read.

Its very interesting to read why we do things. not just being told to do them but really understanding why.

Another point is that it is really a users guide to the phoenix paint system (not a bad thing by any means). and other manufacturers paints often have to be treated differently. for example i have quite a different procedure when spraying Humbrol to spraying phoenix. I find Phoenix paint works best if its allowed a few minutes to settle and really absorb the thinners into the binder as opposed to Humbrol that has to be done with the utmost haste to prevent the different pigments from separating and giving an uneven finish. this is not covered in the book.

Phoenix paints are really professional quality paints and have to be treated as such. if you follow the instructions to the letter then you will end up with a superb finish.
Humbrol paints are designed to be sold to hobbyists and so they are designed to give an acceptable finish under just about any circumstances. but it will never be as good as a really well applied phoenix finish.

Simply put, you get what you pay for.

Its well worth buying.

As far as recommending another book, you can read as many as you like but no amount of reading can compare with an afternoon spraying real paint. you can have things explained to you as much as you like but when you actually see and feel what is happening with your own eyes, its all very different.


Thanks Peter. I will look out for a copy of that book. The reason I ask is that I have just got a
Badger 360-7 from the US. I am on the lookout for a compressor for it. I am still building my layout but thought it would come in handy for scenic work etc. I have never used an airbrush before so I need to grasp the essential details. It's probably just like a big spray gun but in minature.
Have you used Railmatch paints ?
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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