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Hi Guys,

I'm glad this topic has come up as I'm just on the point of taking the plunge and buying an airbrush. I have been putting it off for a while due to the veritable plethora of makes and models but have finally whittled it down to either the Badger Model 150 or the Iwata Eclipse. The latter option had a glowing review a few months ago in one of the Model Railway Mags but, being something of a cynic by nature, I am always suspicious of motives when reading such reviews. I've read the earlier thread and picked up some good pointers but was wondering if anyone had any first-hand experience of the Iwata.

I know it may sound like putting the cart before the horse but I have already purchased a Revell Gamma compressor (I happened to be in the UK and it was on special offer). It's a piston type compressor and has an output of 15 litres per minute at a maximum of 2.6 bar via a pressure reducing valve plus a 0.25 litre reservoir tank. Any comments on this spec would be appreciated.


1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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