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Airfix 14xx

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I am planning on buying an Airfix 14xx and detailing it. (Adding a Hornby Chassis, Bachmann 8750 cab...)

Does anyone have any pictures of preserved 14xx's or even of a Hornby model so I can see if there is any space in the "cab"


Jeorge, who has just had a Polio Jab..
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QUOTE (Jeorge @ 13 Jan 2007, 14:15) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Cab as in the part with the regulator details and what-not

I didnt want to buy a Hornby one as it was BR and had a numberplate on the smokebox door (I'm not able to remove that neatly)

If you are going to detail the loco then surely you will be replacing the smokebox door anyway which is totaly wrong on the Airfix, Dapol and Hornby versions.
Mainly trains do a detailing kit with all the bits you need.
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