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Airfix 14xx

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I am planning on buying an Airfix 14xx and detailing it. (Adding a Hornby Chassis, Bachmann 8750 cab...)

Does anyone have any pictures of preserved 14xx's or even of a Hornby model so I can see if there is any space in the "cab"


Jeorge, who has just had a Polio Jab..
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The smoke box door is from the Mainly Trains detail pack, its makes a huge improvement to the body I have modified mine again since the photos to resemble the recessed ring that the door fits into.

The Chassis although complex is the best etched kit I have built as everything fits where it should, and everything ran smoothy the first time I put power to the motor. I am still waiting for the cast sandboxes and rear springs from High Level, once that has been done I will paint and fishish the model off.

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Check this link out if you want detail photos of a 14XX there are around 250 of them!

Hi David,

Do you have any more pictures of stock/your layout ?

I am currently building my first layout, indeed, my first P4 layout too. Just bought a load of new toys from the P4 Track Co. (Exactoscale)

I will upload some photos of my layout and stock a this evening when I get home.
great thankyou...

my thread is on the layout section and called Parkend, if you wish to have a look at curent progress..

currently building track and point kits so progress is a little slow...



Here are a couple of pictures of my P4 Layout Saffron Street, It can be seen at the following shows this year,

Norwich, Derby and Blackburn, and in 2008 Kidderminster and Warley with its final outing at Railex Aylesbury in 2009,

If anybody is interested I will post some more of my photos.

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David, I didn't realise you were the proud owner of one of the greatest layouts of all time...

I know Saffron St well, although I haven't actually seen it in the flesh yet...

Thanks for the nice comment on the layout, Saffron Street was started fifteen years ago a friend and I , since then many members of the Risborough District MRC have had input, and really the layout is now housed in and has become a club layout. We are currently planning and will start constructionon a brand new layout in the next few months. Anyway here is another photo

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QUOTE (David bigcheeseplant @ 18 Jan 2007, 18:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thanks for the nice comment on the layout.

Lovely, I like the little touches which create the whole effect. (and anything with the use of a 33 is OK in my book)


I decided to buy a Dapol version (D19) instead. It is in VERY nice condition. I'm not sure. but i think its about 12 years old. The only thing that was wrong with it was the Traction tires were perished. And when I put it on my track some strange running ensued - Violent waddling and then small peices of rubber and finally, I found a tire on the side of my (STILL FLOORBASED) Layout. I ended up taking the other tire off. It now runs with its back down about 2mm which looks quite funny
. Im looking for some Hornby tires now. Does anyone know how to get the con rods off the the loco without destroying them or the wheels?

My 14xx Vs. My dads.

I was surprised to see the chassis was in VERY good condition.

- Jeorge
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The crankpins are just a push fit into the wheels,-put a fine bladed screwdriver behind the coupling rods and gently lever them away from the wheel boss.
The Hornby traction tyres* should be readily available,part no. X8063..

See the service sheet..14xx Service Sheet

It's an easy job..

*Oh,and it's tyres,not tires
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QUOTE (DS239 @ 26 Jan 2007, 18:41) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>*Oh,and it's tyres,not tires

Dare i say, Americanism?

Thanks a load for the help. My dad even Suggested we go to Waltons Of Altringham to get some Fleishmann tyres (
) as he needs some too.

What scares me: Scaled down, His N gauge loco has more pulling power than my 14xx without tyres.
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I've just spent the last two hours putting the tyres on (It was a complete stripdown Job, Overhall if you want
. The word "problematic" springs to mind after several attempts at putting the loco together. It kept shorting accross somewhere. I dont know how i fixed it. But I think it was something to do with the spring on the rear wheelset. Anyway it runs nicely now with NO waddle whatsoever.
I cannot wait to get an autocoach and a Milktanker.

Also, Does anyone here know if any 14xx were Shedded at 84G (Shrewsbury) as it would be nice to know if any trundled along the Minsterley branch at any point.

- Jeorge, Who is currently very happy.
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Jeorge, I've checked out Locoshed Index online and it appears that there weren't any 14xx shedded at Shrewsbury.....this of course doesn't mean you can't run one, after all it's your railway!

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Sorry to hear about your struggle Jeorge,-if you were just replacing the traction tyres,then a complete stripdown shouldn't have been neccesary,-but then if your chassis needed other work then it was probably worth it...
Re-assemby of a 14xx chassis needs a bit of a 'knack' to do
,with the loco chassis stripped down and upside down on the workbench-you have to hold all the wheelsets in place,with the trailing one keeping the small coil spring under it in compression whilst you clip on the wheel retaining plate,and,at the same time making sure that the wiper pickups attached to it fit behind the wheels properly and don't get caught up in the spokes and become distorted
,oh and making sure that the feed wire to the motor is in the right place up through the chassis block and doesn't become's at times like this that you sometimes wish that you were blessed with three hands
If the spring under the trailing wheelset moves and wraps itself around the axle [which it has a tendancy to do] then you have to unclip the wheel retaining plate and start again...

Still,-all good,clean fun and useful experience....
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Although the Minsterley branch was joint GWR/LNWR and then joint GWR/LMS, it was worked by LNWR/LMS engines and stock so it is very unlikely that a 14XX worked the line.
In earlier days it was LNWR 0-6-2 coal tanks and then Fowler 2-6-2 tanks.
In later years the daily goods was worked by ex-LMS or BR 2MT 2-6-0 tender engines (probably because of the poor state of the track, at least in the 1960s).
I suspect the nearest shed with an allocation of 14XX would have been Oswestry for the Gobowen branch.

That doesn't stop me running a 14XX on my Minsterley-inspired branch line layout though!

Ah thats great, Thanks very much!

Do you have any photos of your layout - i would be quite interested in seeing it.


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