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Airfix 14xx

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I have a mint Airfix 14xx which I am considering converting to DCC any body done it or can help would be most helpful ?

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I think this loco is the ex-Airfix 14xx.
That is the 14xx with the replacement chassis designed by Dapol. If it is an Airfix chassis that you have its simple to convert to dcc although I would question the life of it as the Airfix chassis was notable for the springs failing in the sprung plunger pick ups (the springs could not cope with the current)and the gear wheel wearing down (Branchlines did once offer a replacement).

As for dccing the Airfix chassis you need to turn the motor upside down(or at least the contacts to it), the normally downward pointing connection will fit inside the dome and then its a task of hard wiring a decoder in place. have not actually dcced one but I did once hardwire one to pick up off its autocoach to overcome the problems with its sprung plungers.

I just chamged the chassis to a cometmodels and the loco has never ran as good, not the cheapest way but now it runs nice.

Stuart in OZ
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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