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I have six old Airfix BR red and cream composite corridor coaches bought about 30 years ago for £1.75 to £2.50 each! (Considering their age I think that they are great.) They all have passenger doors only at the ends both sides. On five of them all of these doors have a figure 1 indicating first class. Since they are supposed to be composites should all of the doors have the 1?

On the sixth one there is a figure 1 only on the doors at one end. At this end the gaps between the windows are slightly larger indicating wider compartments for first class. Is this one actually the only correct one among them? All of the others have the same difference in window spacing so I wonder whether they simply had too many 1's put on them.

If I am right what would be the best way to remove the surplus 1's without damaging the underlying colour? Thank you for any help.
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