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I have purchased some Airfix Centenary Chocolate & cream coaches carrying 'Cornish Riviera' boards. 2 of the coaches are missing their 'corridor connections' ( one of them appears to have never had them fitted - kit built ? - and the other has some glue marks indicating that the connectors have 'gone missing' ) and the other 2 are complete and intact - albeit a little bit 'play worn'.

I have been trying to locate a source of supply of suitable connector pieces - the Hornby items look completely different and another suggestion ( Ratio 111 kit ) is proving difficult as I cannot locate an image of any sort to compare with the 2 good coaches.

Can anybody help me to a. identify where I might obtain genuine Airfix parts or b. offer any guidance as to the suitability of the Ratio kit.


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Hello there

If the hornby connector is different then you wont be able to get the airfix parts anymore. my sugestion would be to forget about trying to aquire spare parts and replace the entire corridor connection all together.

Someone like alan gibson should be able to help you. if you only have 4 coaches it is not a great problem and propper connections look so much better that i would recommend using them anyway.

Just done a bit more reaserch. comet is listing GWR end plates and corridor connections for £2.75 a pair.
comet products tend to be very good and i would highly recommend them.
they look like castings so each connection will be 2 parts that should be glued together and then stuck to the end of the coach.

should be an easy job and will look great.

ECW2 GWR Buffers, suspended gangway £2.75
When you call them just ask them which type it for the centenery. i am not sure if its the suspended type or the scissors type. i think its the suspended type but they will know and they do both and they are the same price.

Let us know how you get on


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Thanks for your interest Peter - I was thinking that Airfix parts were probably a lost cause but it is always worth asking.

I am not familiar with 'comet' - do they have a website where I could perhaps view the parts which you are referring to ?

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I have a stock of new rubber corridor connections that I can not attribute to any maker. A picture would be most helpful of what you are looking for, or, I can supply one of what I have.
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