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Well done Wiggy I'll be interested in seeing the finished loco.
I built an Airfix schools but used the hornby chassis. I built it pretty well straight from the box but I did replace the moulded handrails with wire and knobs. As I had had the kit for some time and used new spares rather than buying a whole model it probably worked out slightly cheaper than a new Hornby but the pleasure in building something for yourself is priceless.It also has the multiple blast pipe and chimney of course which sets it aside from Hornby's.
It will be interesting to see how the Comet chassis goes together as I have a Comet kit to put under a Wrenn City but so far haven't had the nerve to start.
It's a pity the price of Markits/Romford wheels has sky-rocketed in recent times.
If I might add a little here about motorising the Kitmaster Stirling Single,- I have posted some pics under "on my workbench' GVR layout that you and BRITHO might find interesting . The Bachmann Emily chassis would never fit in the KM body and I do not think that the Lord of the Isle chassis would fit either . My preference would be an unmotorised chassis with a powered tender drive . I have tested the Hornby parallel boilered Patriot tender drive in the Singles tender and it does fit. The weight has to be either cut to size or new weights made. I'm sure this would result in a more powerful loco . There is a snag though - 32 mm driving wheels dont appear to be made by Markits any more , although perhaps Gibson might. My conversion of Emily will haul only two lightened Hornby coaches up my 1-in-36 inclines.
Best of luck with all your projects,
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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