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I suppose this is old hat to UK members but the article is dated 7th December:
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how very odd.

My inital reaction was that the article had been misdated and it should have have been december 2006.

you are right in that its old news that Hornby has aquired Humbrol and arifix. but its strange that they are reporting this now.

Hornby have been very slow in getting things back into production (both with airfix and with the international range) and only recently have i started seeing the airfix kits back in the shops.

it seems to be the hornby way of doing things to do it very slowly and carefully. if i had just bought a company for that much money i would want to get at least something back out and on the shelves in order to keep a retail presence.

Hornby have described 2007 as a year of consolidation. lets hope things are a bit more lively for 2008.

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Thanks for that one Ozwarrior - it'll give me something to watch on the box tonight. I will report later on my opinion.

Airfix - Britain's Next Top Model? will be broadcast on BBC Two TV at 1900 GMT on Friday 7 December 2007 - tonight.
I was building Airfix before leaving school, from aircraft through to buildings for my Model Railway and hope they will be as good tomorrow as they were yesterday, regardless of the fact they are going to be paying for cheap labour abroad and in order to hopefully make vast profits.

For anybody interested, there is an Airfix Tribute Forum at and they are a Great bunch on there.
Good program

I appreciate labour costs are very small in China, but look at the damage to the company by not having the bulk of their major release (Dr Who set in program) available until January thus missing the Christmas rush. The program also referred to a new Canberra kit also now due in January. Might it not have been better for the overall worth of the company had these kits not been made in Britain or Europe.

The long supply chain/logistics seem to be causing problems

Class 56s not arriving in time for Warley
Dr Who kits arriving in Jan
2-6-4 Stainiers probably arriving Jan

I thought it was very interesting, and show you the problems they have to bring us our models on time.
Now is it me, or are there a lot of late models this year
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As they said on the programme, if thay had stuck to manufacturing in Britain they would have gone bust by now.
interesting the junior school,with the guinea-pigs...loss of 'interest' not too far into the kitbuilding exercise...which says to me, for kits to appeal, they need to be 'simpler' the end, the kids appeared to prefer to build a kit, to playing with the PS2?

now...was that result a bit of smart editing?

or did we actually see kids responding to the pleasure of creating something themselves,with their own hands?

because, if it IS the latter, there IS hope for kits, models, model railways, meccano, etc.....contrary to what we are generally led to believe?
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