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The reason that trains are getting more like aircraft and railway stations more like airports is for the same reason that aircraft have more seats in them - the more passengers they can carry per unit of transport the more income the company operating the transport gets. And of course we are now 'customers' and not passengers, which I think tends to adversely affect the way that private railway operators view the travelling public (although BR started that trend, I recall.)

Being retired, I fortunately do not have to make daily trips by train or plane. Those few journeys I do make by train I do have to suffer the closer seating - on the other hand the trains are significantly faster, more frequent and smoother running, so I don't suffer the cramped seating for so long!

The greatest criticism I have of rolling stock made in the last two decades is that the seating almost inevitably doesn't match the window pillars, often making looking out of the window that much more difficult!

John Webb
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