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If we're talking about 'airline seats' as in seats inside airliners:

Then I recommend the Economy Class seats in the A380 like this one. extra wide, 34" legroom and the best bonus of all is that when the selfish clown in front tries to recline fully with their seat back in your face, it won't work - for the seat base moves forward as you recline. When it comes to feeding times, you will not be served unless you put the seat back to normal.

But if we're talking about 'airline seats' in coaching stock:

These are the Portbrook owned ex-Virgin West Coast Mk3s now working for National Express East Anglia between London Liverpool Street and Norwich and I spend 3 hours of each working day in these. I board the 06:10 at Stowmarket, aim for coach D or E (the quietest and emptiest), grab a window airline seat (more legroom than a table seat), fall asleep and wake up in London at 07:30. Each evening I aim for the 18:00 departure from Liverpool Street, and do the same to Stowmarket.

For the benefit of any MRF members who use these trains - I am the new snorer amongst you!!!!

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