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Airline seats on Mk4 stock are usually all right, although it is annoying when they don't match up with windows; some have more legroom than others - seats at the end of the coach often have more legroom. It's comfortable for the 5 hour trip to London. You get what you pay for, I guess; I've managed to get a £10 return Edinburgh to London (yes, £5 each way) which includes £1 off a purchase at the buffet, so don't really care where I'm sitting, as long as it's not the toilet. That's a special one year of NXEC anniversary offer.

On the other hand, the 2 hour trip to Aberdeen on 158s is awful. No leg room and hard seats. Same on the 170s to Glasgow, but as that takes 50 mins it's not too bad.

The old Bulleid 4 Subs had superb deep and springy seats, likewise the 4 Cigs. Comfy for bouncing over the points southbound at Balham.

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