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A few months ago I came back to the UK and made quite a few train trips (all in the 'south') using quite a few different train types and operators.

Who the heck decided that train travellers wanted to sit in seats similar to those in aeroplanes, in some cases with less legroom, and in all cases with a lot less 'in seat' entertainment ?

Back in the good old days (this is where the younguns can groan) trains were comfortable. Now they are as bad as aeroplanes, the only difference is time and cost.

When you combine this with having to sit in a seat decided by a computer (pre-booking on line) which doesn't let you see out of the window without getting a pain in the neck (and the seat - there's little or no padding it seems to me) you might as well choose to go by bus.

OK, that's my moan over but I would be interested to hear what other travellers think, including all of the commuters.
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